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Captain Bill Walsh
Dawn Patrol Charter Fishing
Marco Island, Florida
Phone: (239) 394-0608
In business since 1992 !!

Capt. Bill is a member of the Florida Outdoor Writers Assn and writes a weekly column for the Marco Eagle titled the Pleasures of are a few of the articles for your enjoyment.

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On the Hook: With the right boss, wondrous things can happen
On the Hook: A cold that won’t hold makes fishing too hot to handle
On the Hook: Some rules might be a pain, but they’re also a blessing in disguise
Even if you've never fished, take a minute to read this one
Silly things people do on fishing trips
The season reopens on one great fish
The day a fishing trip became a communal event
When the fishin' is as slow as molasses, don't pass the passes
A fishing trip in the cold weather can end up being hot stuff
The Pleasure of Fishing: Returning to the scene of the fishing action
The Pleasure of Fishing: Storm-season fishing
The Pleasure of Fishing: Anglers etiquette
The Pleasure of Fishing: September 1 — a day for the snook-loco anglers
The Pleasure of Fishing: The day catch and release went to a new level
The Pleasure of Fishing: Ouch, that hurts
The Pleasure of Fishing: Curious coincidences
The Pleasure of Fishing: Chummy fishers
The Pleasure of Fishing: When the fishing trip turns from quantity to quality
The Pleasure of Fishing: In fishing, size really does matter
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